Astrology Readings for Live Your Light Program Participants

Welcome! My name is Julianne Victoria, and I offer both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology Readings. For a full birth chart reading, looking at all areas of life, I recommend a 60 minute session. To look at a specific area of life, such as career or relationships, or to understand your personal Karma & Dharma (Vedic only), a 30 minute session should be sufficient. 

Readings can be scheduled either as a live Zoom meeting (which can be recorded) or solely as a recorded reading. Sessions and recordings can usually be scheduled or completed within 2-3 weeks.

To schedule a session or recording, please email me at:

60 Minute Session ~ $96 (20% discount)

30 Minute Session ~ $56 (20% discount)

Once the session or recording is set up, I will email you an invoice.

For other services I offer, please check the links in the menu above, and sign up for my Newsletter here to be notified when I offer Specials & more!

Thank you & looking forward to working with you!

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