🌿 Mint & Rose Prosperity Packets 🌹

Prosperity - The condition of being successful or thriving; good fortune.

I have an abundance of dried mint leaves and rose petals, all grown organically in my garden, and I thought I'd offer some of them as magically charged prosperity, wealth, and good luck packets.

These are small - 2.5 x 2.5 inch - packets that you can slip into your wallet, purse, book, journal, etc. to carry with you to enhance your prosperity, wealth, and luck. You could also make a tea out of these if you wish, especially as part of a meditation for prosperity or other ritual.

Two Mint & Rose Prosperity Packets, anointed with Vetiver oil, will come in your vintage-style envelope. These can be mailed internationally, though I do not know if customs, etc. might open the not-totally flat envelopes. Please keep this in mind if you are outside the US.

Once purchased, please email me here: thruthepeacockseyes@gmail.com with the address you'd like me to send the Prosperity Packets to.

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2 Prosperity Packets

US $7.00

2 Prosperity Packets 

International $7.77