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🎃 Golden Spider Spell Jars 👻

I have 13 Golden Spider Protection Spell Shaker Jars available! 

These are small jars, about 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches in diameter. All the herbs in the spell jars, except the locally foraged elderberries, were grown and dried by me, and they were chosen for their specific expelling of negative energies and protective qualities. See video below for the spell I recited as I created the jars.

Magic Shaker Jars can be hung in a window or by a door, or you can keep it nearby, shaking the contents as you set your intentions, say your own spell or prayer, or when you feel you need to remove negativity, a ghost or goblin, or to bring in some extra protection.

Please note that as Shaker Jars, the herbs are loosely packed, and because they are dried herbs, they will eventually break apart a bit with use and time.

The Golden Spider Jars are $13 plus $6 for shipping US ONLY! International shipping is too much and limited due to covid. If you are international and really want one, please calculate your county's shipping cost and then email me.


Once purchased, please email me here: with the address you'd like me to send your package to.


Golden Spider Jar 🕷

US $19.00


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