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Distance Reiki &

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Reiki is a subtle and gentle form of energy healing, where I channel universal energy (Rei-Ki) to facilitate the natural healing process so that my clients can heal both physically and emotionally. I may also utilize other subtle and energy healing techniques that I have studied and practiced, such as chakra balancing, cranio-sacral therapy, and polarity therapy.

Distance Reiki & Shamanic Healing sessions are done remotely, as I work intuitively to allow myself to sense and feel where to work. Often I will have shamanic-like visions during the healing sessions, which often provide deep insights to my clients. Once the session is completed, I will email you a report of my observations, and give you some advice or suggestions for further healing. 

Please indicate by emailing me from the Contact Form if there are any health concerns you'd like me to know about in advance, but this is not required. During your healing session, you, the client, do not need to be doing anything specific at that time, but if you are able to be resting, that is great. Sessions can usually be completed within 1-2 weeks.


  Distance Reiki & Shamanic Healing Sessions

 Approximately 60 minutes ~ $120

Sessions are currently Closed 🙏🏼.

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